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Universal Soul Love

Welcome to Universal Soul Love on Buzzprout! 

Hosted by Dr Lana Love & Det David Love 

Jan 21, 2015

David and Lana get into things deep and take on the gender issues!


Tonight on Universal Soul Love we'll look at how the genders stand in today's modern, or not so modern world.


- Are gender differences still relevant?


- Are they important . . . are they useful?


- Does it help romance or kill it?


- Are we gradually evolving into genderless beings?


- Are there differences in the gender relations in different countries - say America and . . . Australia down under???


- Should women open doors for men . . . or buy them flowers ???


- What happened to good old fashioned roles!!!!


- Should David ever dare to wear a pink shirt?


- Does Lana wear the pants? Ha Ha !!!


Stay tuned for what will be a wonderfully informative, thought provoking . . . and as usual incredibly entertaining radio show !