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Universal Soul Love

Welcome to Universal Soul Love on Buzzprout! 

Hosted by Dr Lana Love & Det David Love 

Oct 12, 2014

Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Businessman .


Moving to Australia:

My name is Zaffar Khan.

I had the good fortune to move to Australia when I was quite young. Australia truly seemed like the land of promise and opportunity to someone like me from a very poor country. I am married with Vina and I...

Oct 12, 2014

Attorney David Gallup specializes in promoting, implementing and educating about human rights, world citizenship and world law.

Mr. Gallup is President of the World Service Authority®, Washington, DC, a global public service human rights organization founded in 1954. In addition to his role as President, he has served...

Oct 12, 2014

Guest Occupation: Actress, singer, performer, and motival coach Guest Biography

Lynn Rose has been touted, “The Voice Of Transformation.” She is a multi-faceted Singer/Songwriter, who also has made her mark as a Host for TV and Radio. She started out having starred in a National Broadway show and from there,...

Oct 3, 2014

Guest: Jonah Bolt Guest Occupation: Talk Radio Show Host, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Philosopher


The signs were there from the very beginning, just looking at his birth announcement alone. Jonah Bolt Yolman Arrived on Mother Gaia January 1st, 1979. He was the first baby born New...

Oct 3, 2014

Guest: Dr. Edwige Bingue

Guest Occupation: Transformational Life Coach

Guest Biography: Her spiritual journey began at an early age when she was often visited by what she would now refer to as her benevolent brothers and sisters. Her ability to both heal and activate your Divine Potential was given to her by Source...