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Universal Soul Love

Welcome to Universal Soul Love on Buzzprout! 

Hosted by Dr Lana Love & Det David Love 

Jan 13, 2017

Det David & Dr Lana Love explore a therapeutic technique called "Adaptive Empowerment Therapy. 

Modern medical science attempts to treat people with "psychiatric disorders".  It may be possible to treat mental issues by having a different perspective. 

Throughout history we have seen people with significant medical challenges achieve phenomenal success . . . and not in spite of it . . . but because of it. 

Adaptive Empowerment Therapy is a modality where the doctor/therapist/healer assists the patient or client in looking at how their "disability" might actually be an "ability" that the person can use to achieve success in some area of their life. 

We have special guest Jacqueline Boyd joining us on the show.